Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Restoration Manor Mania

We've been dejectedly asking ourselves what to do on Sunday nights to fill the void left behind by Downton Abbey. This Sunday, we obviously tried tons of food, party games & winning pub quiz night. But I think I've found something that will coast us past the holidays. 

Basically, The Manor Reborn takes a group of enthusiastic experts to work with the National Trust to re-envision Elizabethan Avebury Hall into a publicly viewed space minus all those annoying ropes. All the interiors will be sturdy enough to withstand use. I like it. Because part of why I love manor houses in the first place is to envision that I live there. If you can't touch anything, it kind of kills the affect. 

That's why I also quite loved this show, Restoration Home, that aired earlier this year. Even after watching all 6 episodes of Restoration Home and the premiere of The Manor Reborn, where all the people said they'd never buy another listed property, it's still kind of a dream of mine to restore an old manor home somewhere... 

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