Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bonnie & Clyde on Broadway and the cover of Time Out

2011 has been a good year for quite a few of my friends in the entertainment industry. But I don't think anyone I know is having a better year than Jeremy. Let's see. He racked up the lead role in critically acclaimed cult-classic-turned-stage-show Newsies, got engaged, starred in this little flick with Dolly Parton & Queen Latifah (man, I love a good movie musical!), and now he's starring as bad-boy icon Clyde Barrow, originating his first role on Broadway in Bonnie & Clyde

Don't forget about that little cover of  Time Out New York, ether. And a big old photo spread and interview on the inside. Check it out. And! as of Tuesday, it's confirmed that Newsies will be hitting Broadway for a limited run. I bet my pal Jeremy is wishing he could clone himself right about now. 

All this comes as no surprise to me because Jeremy is a rare talent... and something even more rare on Broadway: a believable badass. Yeah sure, he's got kind of a baby face. But he makes that tommy gun in his hand look good. Something about him is convincing as a magnetic man from the wrong side of the tracks in a way most of the dudes who end up on Broadway simply aren't. 

And I feel confident enough to admit that there is a a riff section he did when we were recording "In Your Name" from Nicholas & Alexandra that I will just listen to on a loop. It's just heaven. Listen here

Congrats to you, Mr. Jeremy Jordan. I suppose we don't need to go into business with our genius contact lens idea now. Instead, I'll just rush to see him at the Schoenfeld next time I'm in NYC. 

photos from Time Out New York, Dale May
Also this. This is hilarious. 

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