Monday, November 7, 2011

So Fresh & So Clean - Quiraing Hike

A hike in the Quiraing is amazing no matter how many times you go, no matter the conditions. Iona says she particularly loves the excursion when the weather is bad. And because the light is always different, the trip does always feel new. Or maybe it's because the Quiraing is actually still moving. It really is a different place. And it's easy to say Wow in every direction. And you pretty much can't take a bad photo. I heart Skye. 


  1. This takes my breath away! This is how I remember my trip to Scotland; sweeping views with lighting so gorgeous it almost hurts your heart!!
    Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos!!

  2. Thanks for the sweet comments, Elizabeth! The light is pretty amazing. Skye is a truly special place. Hope you're well! :)


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