Friday, November 11, 2011

Shopping My Favorite Catalogues... & other links

Ooh, the Anthro & (I still sort of hate) BHLDN offerings are doing me right this holiday season. "Right" in that hypothetical sense where I hypothetically buy these overpriced (but wonderful!) things with my hypothetical money.

Here's me dreaming my way into the next tax bracket & a couple of bonus links for fun. (Notice I said tax bracket. Because in the event of my fame & fortune, I will happily pay my higher taxes.) (Also. This is a two-parter. I've got some more extensive things to say on the categories of cool technologies & real estate for you next week.) 

- Hunt & Gather Collar, $380.00, Dry Clean (Duh.)
- Woodland Sun ring, $970 (hey! handmade in the UK)
- Twinkle Lights Pencil Skirt, £168 (approximately $300,000 with current exchange rate)
- Bertram Chair, £998.00. (Ugh, but I can picture it in my hypothetical house...)

- Speaking of said house, I could *almost live here.* I could if I had a flatmate. Any takers?
- Even with flatmate, this is out of reach. Let's just stare, shall we? Ooh, Peffermill House.
- Ya know what? Screw it-- Blair Castle is for sale. Let's just go all out. It's hypothetical afterall. 

- If I were richer, I'd be a wine connoisseur I think. Instead, I'll just read this blog. We can all enjoy some wine, even if we're not rich.

Bonus Link:
- American Beauty & the Hollywood of 1999. Ah, the good old days (Brandon!)


  1. Ohhhhhh...Peffermill, .how I love a turret!

  2. Oh, yeah. You gotta love some turret. x


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