Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fall Foliage & My Favorite Flower Shop

One of the first places I saw & loved when I started hanging out in Edinburgh last year to visit my pals was Narcissus Flower Shop on Broughton. It was November, and they still had great sustainable & funky bouquets. Pretty much no matter what time of year, they have amazing, out of the ordinary blooms. (Personally, I'm a fan of the Dramatic & Fiery and the Wild, Scottish & Natural.) 

They remind me of Sunny's Florist on Second Ave in NYC (my all-time fave flower place when I lived in the East Village. Sunny is kind of a hero of mine. She quit her job as a paralegal to start her own flower shop 22 years ago.) 

Anyhow, I snapped these pics recently while I've had the excuse to be out in our unseasonably warm Autumn days helping my old pal Brian & his wife find a flat before they move here from the States in January. Brian was my co-Teacher's Pet Winner, GVHS Class of 2000. Any other senior superlatives wanna move to Edi? No matter what, if you're in the 'burgh, check out Narcissus. So pretty. 

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