Friday, November 4, 2011

Self-Centered but genrerous: Friday Links

Peace out, suckers! I'm going to Skye. I say that with love. This post's title is courtesy of The Rumpus. It's one of their taglines. I just think it's funny. And sort of true about most bloggy/internetty type stuff. But yep, it's that time of year again: The Colonel Jock Macdonald Annual Gaelic music competition! Dozens of adorable Hebridean children singing a capella, pint-sized pipers, and clarsach strummers. It's also my one-year friendship-o-versary with Iona. So we're road-tripping it  for some bonfires at Dunvegan Castle, hikes and musical merriment. 

Here's what else happened this week:
Write Like a Mothafucka
I'm adding this to my Christmas List (both to give & to receive. Rock.) Designed by Walter Green

Little Riot
This is one badass Edinburgh-based design firm with cra-cray cool ideas. Long distance couple pillows? Storymaker, Storyteller?!? I can seriously support their name also.

Artists, Institutions, & the Decline of Public Discourse.
Read this! 

Outfit to Room: Off-Duty Rocker Edition
Dude, Ann Sage & The City Sage rock my world. She is always on point. I want to be her friend. You know I love a personification of a room kind of stuff. (And vice versa!) I blame Domino Mag (R.I.P). I think so does Anne. Plus, I love that beardy pic of Paul McCartney. 

Michael Wilson writes as Lucia Joyce
Thanks to Iona who overheard this 2009 BBC poetry slam on Radio 4 last weekend! Northern Irish poet Michael Wilson (who's apparently bisexual, bipolar and we should buy his books) presented a poem written from the perspective of possibly schizophrenic muse (and heroine of my novel!) Lucia Joyce. It's only up online for a bit, so check. it. out. It starts at 14:55. Who wants to help me track it down in print??

Let's get the weekend started!

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