Sunday, March 20, 2011

the most badass bedding

One of my favorite issues of Domino Magazine ever was the November '08 issue with J.Crew creative director Jenna Lyons' Brooklyn townhouse. Her house is pretty fab, even though I think she succeeds in some rooms more so than others. 

A key example of her winning was the cover shots of her master bedroom. I love the whole room and I especially love the bedding. I'm a sucker for that color and I love it in conjunction with everything else happening in the room.

When The Bowery Hotel first opened in my old stomping ground, my dad stayed there on a visit to see the first industry reading of VOTE! I'm obsessed with that hotel. Despite being sort of obnoxiously celeb-filled, it's so me. I can sort of imagine myself living there and writing for long periods of time-- kind of like my version of Hotel Chelsea. (Hopefully without the booze binges and death) And I'd eat at Gemma for every meal.

But the best thing about The Bowery is they have Jenna Lyons' bedding. What IS this bedding, I wondered for YEARS. Until just recently, when I discovered it was Olatz. I'm probably just completely the party on what designers have known for ages. But I'm thinking, how soon can I get me some Palermo bedding in coral??!! (Or any of these, for that matter.) That is some dreamy bedding. 

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