Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Nerding Never Ends

As a child, I had several really involved, extended historical obsession phases. There was the holocaust phase, the Victorian phase, and-- of course, the most chronic-- the Civil War phase. My childhood pals will back me up on this. It was pathological. Erin was reminding me of this right before I left NYC to come out here. "Well, we know that if there's one thing we can say about you, it's that you rock at school." Because of the nerd thing. 

Which is probably why I've spent a lot of time lately retreating from society and watching this entire History of Scotland Series. It's on this great youtube channel that has all kinds of stuff. I'd really recommend ALL of it. But I'll start you off with the first ten-minute section of the first episode. For more official fun Scottish History, also check out the companion site on BBC. 

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  1. Good Christ, the 90s were an amazing time for fashion. xo


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