Friday, March 4, 2011

when doors are left open- the artwork of kate aspinall

I don't love bees quite as much as Gretchen, who is actually auditing an undergraduate class on them, but I am a pretty big fan. I think that's why I was initially drawn to my friend Kate Aspinall's amazing artwork. 

She's got way more tricks up her sleeve than just the bees, but aren't they just lovely? Don't they make you want to enter her website? Kate in pretty awesome in person as well as in her artwork. She can rock a  of retro hat like no one else I know and she has an awesome feminine kind of edgy style. 

Look at this raven!! Amazing! And the 4th from the series called When Doors Are Left Open.  Kate Aspinall. Get into it! Happy Friday. I'm off to VOTE! rehearsal all day. 

1 comment:

  1. All bees are good except for the Ga Tech kind. I love this artwork amazing. Have a great day in your element


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