Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Literary Map of the United Kingdom

This little shop, The Literary Gift Company, is a place I could easily blow way  more money than is good for me. I basically want everything in it. But most especially this awesome map print of great writers from the UK. 

You should definitely check it out. They have Gifts for Readers, Gifts for Writers, and all kinds of other cool stuff. I'm a fan of the "Go Away: I'm Writing" mug and the "Poetry instead of a card" series. 

Hope you have a great Spring Day! It's gorgeous here in St Andrews. I opened my windows wide and now there are two HUGE bees in my room. Eek. Hopefully  they'll be gone by the time I get out of class at four. I'm giving a presentation on David Foster Wallace today. Let's hope I don't cry. 

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  1. Oh...this! THIS I LOVE. UK, maps, books. All my favorite things. If I weren't a delinquent blogger, I would Miss Jane this in a flash. :)


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