Thursday, March 17, 2011

No Edinburgh, Design Sponge?

I'm a big fan of Design Sponge. I appreciate anything that helps fill the void that Domino Magazine left when it shuddered. I'm a really really big fan of their city guides. They're really extensive. But imagine my dismay to learn they had NO EDINBURGH! What is that all about? I get that you're going to have way more on the States than various European/World Locations. 

But their are some UK city guides I think Edinburgh seriously outranks. Brighton? Bristol? Leeds? CORNWALL? No offense to any of these fine cities, but... Edinburgh! It's the Athens of the North! So consider this my formal request for an Edinburgh City Guide, Design Sponge. I'm no interior designer, but I'll help! 

Okay, glad I got that off my chest. I'm going to look at Paris now. And then Dublin, in honor of today and thinking about my pal, Erin, who lives there. 


  1. B. Atl..yummy....babies on the brain

  2. please tell me you saw that they added edinburgh today?
    i saw it and thought, oh the universe knows ryann ferguson!


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