Wednesday, March 16, 2011

if trips could plan themselves- paris

Trying to plan a trip to Paris is harder than I thought. It's mostly the coordinating schedules thing. It's bringing out a lot of my social phobias as well, since there's a possibility I'll be there by myself for sometime and I imagine being yelled at in French on my birthday. I like clear protocol. I'm happy to play by (most of) the rules of wherever I am. As long as I know what they are. 

If you were in Paris by yourself, and if  you didn't really love touristy things, and if you had a few social phobias about interacting with strangers, what fun things would you do on your first trip to Paris? I'm sure it will be fine and it will all result in an awesome first trip to Paris. In the mean time, I'm watching idyllic videos. Happy Wednesday!


  1. Oh, good to know! I'm testing this new layout out. We'll see if I end up modifying it more...

  2. Explore the Marais, specifically up and down Rue du vielle temple for beautiful architecture and cute boutiques, plus great falafel and plenty of people-watching cafes.
    Wander around Le Bon Marche and La Grande Epicerie (right next door), for more window shopping. The famous cemetery (Pere Lachaise) is really cool. I can give you lots of specifics, including restaurants and chocolate shops, if you want! How much time are you thinking? Canal St. Martin used to pretty non-touristy.


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