Sunday, March 6, 2011

you win, andrew garfield

Le Sigh. What began as a mild curiosity on my couch in Astoria during an ill-advised HBO viewing of Lions for Lambs, has now been cemented with my recent encounters with Never Let Me Go, The Social Network and Red Riding. That thing is my very severe crush on Andrew Garfield.  

While there are some obvious adorable elements to him, he's not who I'd normally be so taken with, and in fact, at first I wasn't. No. This is an excellence crush. Two weeks later, I am still thinking back to and feeling that vice grip his performance in Never Let Me Go put on my little ole heart. And then, of course, THIS happened

It's hard to think of actors as vulnerable as he is. As effortless in making you whole-heartedly empathize with him. Weird, but the person who first comes to mind who also has this quality is Vanessa Ray

I mean, I suppose I should have paid more attention even during Lions for Lambs. If good old Redford saw something in him.... and his scenes with Redford were the best part. 

Andrew is a Brit-- kinda. Which oddly makes me feel like he's more accessible. Alas, now that he's Peter Parker in the Spiderman reboot, I doubt he'll retain  that accessible mid-list actor quality. (Though, obviously, it's this quality that makes him right to play Peter Parker.)

Anyhoo. I should get back to the mountain of work I have instead of pining. But-- in the event that on this Sunday, you feel like a movie marathon-- I'd rent the flicks of Andrew Garfield. You can rent most of them on itunes, even Red Riding. Which, while not excellent, was at least part of my on-going lesson into learning to differentiate various British accents. You know, I'm all about education around here. 


  1. I just watched Never Let Me Go and actually CRIED at the end. I haven't done that while watching a movie in ages. Mr. Garfield, you win. So good.

  2. I know, right? That scene outside the car? I just couldn't...I just... Uh. Yeah. I love him.


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