Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday in bed with Molly Lambert

After a week of non-stop work and very little sleep, I'm giving myself one of these. I'll be reading and writing from my bed today. And trying to get over the fact that Molly Lambert is leaving This Recording for Bill Simmons's new website

Is it sad to think that a "70% sports" website is going to suck up all the genius writing talent away from the "literary small press" sites? Well, yes. But I suppose, good for Molly. Get that check, girl.

But I do think she's pretty much a genius. Her continued recaps of Mad Men and feminism series are just brilliant. I hope they give her something better to do than just recapping basketball games over at the website with no name yet. Here, for your Saturday, in case you're reading in bed too, are some of Molly Lambert's greatest hits. 

Passive misogyny (emosogyny) is underestimating and/or stereotyping women based on deeply ingrained cultural stereotypes and ignorance, and then getting defensive when you are called out because you do not consider yourself sexist and you do not like being wrong. The refusal to accept that you might ever be wrong is a big part of "Masculinity." It is called sticking to your guns, and it is what got us George W. Bush.

And just for a counter point to really smart ideas about women, here's this article on the antithesis of that.


  1. Can't wait to get home from work to read more of her. I have spent the better part of the week getting irrational over being rational

  2. hahah- thats a good one. Molly is amazing.


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