Thursday, March 3, 2011

Morgan Karr = Superman

What is everyone doing this weekend? It's only Thursday, but I'm already looking forward to the weekend. If I were in NYC, I know I'd be at my favorite music venue, Rockwood Music Hall in my old 'hood celebrating the birth and talent of the inimitable Morgan Karr

He pretty much IS Superman and his birthday concert is FREE! 

Our first read-thru of VOTE! was a huge success last night. Cast is nailing it. Every time I sit in that circle of cast and talk about the history of the show, say that VOTE! is a family, I am reminded of all the good times we've had and friends, like Morg, that we've made along the way.  

Here, also, is his badass animated cover of "Apologize/Human" featuring Hair's Catherine Brookman and animation by James Daniel. It has a spooky/sad other worldly quality to me. And, obviously, flawless vocals from Morgan

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