Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Camera Obsessing & Eduardo Mayen

I've been obsessing a bit over cameras lately. It's partly practical-- with my upcoming travel and impending launch of littlewow productions in the UK-- and partly just my continuing love of gadgets. Andrew is making me jealous with his new Canon EOS 7D and I am lusssting after it! HD.... Drooooool. 

On this thought wave, I started thinking about one of my favorite old school friends (and favorite subjects of one of my short stories, City of the Ugly) Eduardo Enrique Mayen. He's a fab cinematographer in LA. I was remembering the good old days in various cities: Vegas, Los Angeles, New York with the crazy Salvadorian (along with my man Brando) and so I just had to post his reel today. It was Eduardo who told me that a cinematographer's main job is light. Just lovely. 

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