Wednesday, March 2, 2011

littlewow uk

Does it sometimes seem like the world deliberately schedules everything for the same three day time span? What is that magnetic field of blessings all in a row like that? I have a hard enough time being in the moment. I'd like to ask the world to space some of this stuff out, so I have time to enjoy it! 

I've been in the process of making new video promo material for VOTE! I made this video for Visit St Andrews and my Top 25 of Winter- St Andrews Edition, but there's a pretty big VOTE! plug, as that's what I spent most of my winter working on. And rehearsals for the show here start today! 

I forgot how much I enjoy making these videos! It just cements my wish to open littlewowproductions in Edinburgh as well. I know I'd want a business partner who was 1. better at accounting than me 2. better skilled at graphic design 3. a UK citizen. Anyone know anyone like that who loves the arts? Anyone have any advice on how an American can start a business in the UK (with other UK people?) I've only started my internet research on this and (probably because I'm so busy and haven't been sleeping much) it all seems like Legalese to me so far. 

Happy Wednesday from the makeshift headquarters of littlewow international. 

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