Friday, October 19, 2012

Landon's Broadway Debut Links

What are you guys all doing this fair fall weekend? McC and I are headed down to San Diego for a shotgun trip and some cooler weather. It's still pretty hot up in LA. Also hoping to meet up with my brother on the way considering, we literally pass his house on PCH on the way and neither one of us has a car at the moment. (We aren't related by blood, but we're clearly related. Sigh.)

I feel like I'm finally back in the land of the living with this phone now. I've already caught up with four people I haven't talked to in ages just by virtue of being on their grid again. The network of people I've collected and invested in on my travels is the greatest resource and source of joy in my life. Plug me back into that. 

- Today is one of those most loyal, supportive people's Broadway Debut! DOONER LOVE!
- I don't see a lot of movies in theaters, but this is a funny app
- Oh, the old creativity and mental illness talk again. 
- A kid who comes to school in a different historical costume each day? My soul mate! My hero!
- Blogstar
- A mom I super respect shared her story of choosing not to medicate her kids. People listen up. 
- This is disgusting, Mittens. You make me sick. 
- I've been waiting a long time for someone to make this Claire Danes cut mix
- This is still DEEPLY upsetting to me. If you're not caught up on Downton, spoilers ahead. 
- The Rice Centennial spectacle was indeed nothing short of a spectacle. Watch here.
- Or, if you only have 100 seconds:

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