Monday, October 22, 2012

Try the Lamb

One of my favorite popular novelists is the lovely Wally Lamb. She's Come Undone, I Know This Much is True, and The Hour I First Believed remain some of the most emotionally affecting works I've ever read. 

On top of all that, Wally Lamb has always just seemed like the nicest man ever. Kind of a cross between Tom Hanks and Toby Ziegler in a way that makes you wish he was your father in law. As it happens, he's got three sons. 

Two of those sons live in New Orleans and one, Justin Lamb,  is a spoken word or performance poet. (I can't bring myself to use the term slam poetry, as it is no longer the nineties.) He does a lot of spots for The Saints. If professional football held any power over me, I'm sure I'd find these very moving. They seem to have the gravitas and high production quality that resonates with sports fans.

My second favorite Justin Lamb moment is this little rumination on his home state of Connecticut. I don't really think of Connecticut as what you'd call 'gangsta,' but I'm glad Justin does. Or is at least willing to wink at us. Continually for three minutes. 

My FAVORITE Justin Lamb moment is his "New York."

He also says one day he'd like to be 'snack laureate.' Snack being one of my favorite words, I'd like to say to Justin, let's just get married. I know Crush Week isn't until February around here, but I just couldn't wait. 

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