Thursday, October 11, 2012

Franzen's House For Sale at Transport Group

While those in NYC start bundling up for Fall and Winter, I'm still sleeping with door open and swimming in my pool. I doubt I'll miss Winter in New York, but I will miss the start of this and every theatre season. I'm impressed with Broadway's line up this season. (They snagged Paul Rudd for...anything at all... so why complain?) There's always the spot of drama with some show never making it to performances. (Rebecca. In this case due to shady, dead investors, who, it turns out never existed in the first place.)

I've also been energized, and then of course, depressed that I would miss a few great off-broadway showings. I mean, Jake Gyllenhaal's stage debut alone was enough to make me question my decision to leave. But of all my celebrity boyfriends, no one gets me more turned on (theatrically speaking) than my very own personal abusive boyfriend, Jonathan Franzen

This season, one of my favorite theatre groups-- Transport Group-- is presenting a theatrical adaptation of one of Franzen's essays, House For Sale

Adapted by Daniel Fish, a man I think might be spying on my thoughts, is the same guy who adapted the strange and trippy stage incarnation of DFW's A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again. Fish's House For Sale seems to be along the same lines, with five actors interpreting the same essay "word for word" in different ways. I think Franzy's language stands up to repetition. I suppose I'll have to get someone to give me the recap. Theresa, I nominate you.

House For Sale starts this Sunday, October 14th at the Duke.
229 West 42nd Street

You can read the full essay House For Sale here.
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