Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Citizenship - While My Favorite City is Underwater

It's strange to see your favorite city dark and underwater. I'm not sorry I'm missing this business, but I do miss the collective way New Yorkers behave when the chips are down. It goes back to that word I like so much, "Citizenship." 

I remember very vividly the spirit of camaraderie during the MTA strike of 2005. Everyone got so scrappy. While harboring McC as a fugitive from Queens, we super bonded in my 4th & B womb room. That's probably when we subconsciously became friends forever. I'm wondering what 4th and B looks like today. 

Thinking about citizenship, and what we all do for each other, I have to say I'm terribly sorry so many people have such a Darwinian attitude about what happens to America's cities after natural disasters. That the country would pull together to help another city in time of need seems like the opposite of immoral to me, Mitt. 

Sorry that people don't think climate crisis is any way involved in the increase of storms like this. The most sorry that there seem to always be insane extremists who'd--rather than look to science-- look to bigotry and blame this on gays and Muslims. There's no sigh in the world big enough to express my feelings. 

Mostly, I am terribly sorry it's caused so much damage to my favorite place. I like the optimist who said that maybe all the severe subway flooding would wash away the smell of pee. I hope they're right. But aside from that, I hope nothing else has been irreparably washed away from New York. 

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