Friday, October 12, 2012

Three Days in the Valley Friday Links

Soon, I will live in a pool house in North Hollywood. For now, I'm trying it on for size and dogsitting for some of my favorite people. It's nice to have the alone time. Even if I don't always use it as productively as I'd like. At least I'm free to yell at the debates as loudly as I want. In case you didn't know... I'm loud. It annoys people. My energy level is the main reason I like being alone. And the main reason I don't.

Another few things I've learned. No matter how many precautions you take, how diligent you are, or how many hours a day you allow them to be outside, the dogs (all the dogs, everyone's dogs, everywhere) will always piss in the house. And no matter how tired you are or how peaceful the setting, if you didn't get done what you wanted to get done that day, there's no way you're going to sleep well. Or at all. The guilt on productivity is the same no matter where I go.

- I love TED talks, but, well played, The Onion. WELL PLAYED.
- Is it weird that bad reviews actually make me want to see films?
- Here's why "trickle down" doesn't work.
- A gem. Paul Ryan mansplaining things.
- More DT Max on DFW for Granta.
- Choreographer Benjamin Millepied is directing music videos now. Word up Io Echo. More. 
- Why yes I do hate The Bachelor.
- Depends on which kind. If I had a Brummy accent....I'd keep quiet maybe. 
- Speaking of which...
- Striving and dependency culture... nope not Reps vs Dems. Scotland.
- My old pal Brandon is selling his classic mustang. Any takers?
- Hahaha. 100 Reasons not to go to grad school. "There is a psychological cost. There is a psychological cost for quitting." Now that I'm in LA, I wonder if I'm really going to go to USC or just move on. Thoughts?


  1. NoHo, babe! It's where *I* am. :)

  2. WORD UP!! See you around the way SOON!


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