Monday, October 8, 2012

You Don't Just Deface a Mark Rothko

And yet, that's exactly what someone did at the Tate Modern in London. Just walked right up to it and tagged it. It's one of the Seagram murals no less! The ones that were commissioned for the Four Seasons-- the inspiration for the wonderful play, RED. 

Press replay on all my sentiments about our society no longer valuing art. This is really disappointing. I've had Tate Modern guards jump all over me for iphone flash-less pics. I've spoken to my art historian friends who can see no way that would hurt the art. And yet, where was security when someone came up with black paint to graffiti Mark Rothko?

Before we went into the Sistine Chapel in Rome, they told us not to talk or take any photos. And as soon as we entered, everyone-- everyone!-- was talking and snapping about a million photos. With the flash, even! None of the guards did anything. I took an iphone pic with no flash, but I was really confused and saddened by the whole thing. I feel a bit like how I feel now. Get it together, people. 

It's a pretty serious mixture of not knowing and not caring. With Rothko, people may be unaware of his significance (still a huge failing of our arts education system) but I think even the most clueless understands the significance of the Sistine Chapel. What do you guys think? Sigh.

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