Friday, October 26, 2012

Freaky Friday Links

Today, I'm working on a future hit TV show with the lovely Miss Autumn Withers and tonight, I'm going to a haunted house extravaganza with Kade. I don't really do costumes, but I'm down to pretend to be scared with friends. Other than that, this is the first week where things feel like they're genuinely coming together for me here. I'm going to feel great once I'm finally sticking in one neighborhood and have a set of wheels. Hope you have a great pre-Halloween weekend! Here are this week's links. 

- Time Magazine's list of Top 25 Best Blogs of 2012 (Hint: I'm not on it.)
- Taylor Swift's analogies in order of incomprehensibility. Since McC and I ARE a Taylor Swift song
- New Milo Green video. Glad the UK is finally getting a taste of them.
- My favorite new show of the season. Yeah, they all look the same: HOT.
- Mitt Romney as Fifty Cent (or 53 Per Cent) = Genius. 
- Well, this website exists.
- So does this. Heard of it? It's brain training.
- The 15 Boyfriends You Break Up With: complete with snazzy names like Cilantro & Palm Pilot
- The Tom Hanks Matrix. I agree with this except for the placement of Gump & Money Pit. I mean...come ON! Money Pit is GENIUS!

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