Monday, October 29, 2012

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights

Friday was a special treat courtesy of the Kade-ster and his lovely bf James.  After a quick trip to the Veggie Grill and Amoeba Music, we went the live on-air special Kade was doing for 98.7, LA's Rock Alternative at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights. It was a gluttonous night all around in the best possible way. We feasted on funnel cake and pizza and cookies. I got more swag than I feel is polite to brag about and rode every ride, went through every haunted maze as VIPS. (I absolutely loathe lines and will not wait in them. There is absolutely nothing I'm willing to wait in a line for if I have the option.)

My favorite ride had nothing to do with all the work Universal put into Halloween. It was the Transformers 3D ride. Very little that isn't an actual roller coaster impresses me about theme parks, but I was blown away by this and not just because pieces of the city kept flying at my face the whole time. It was so well done. And genuinely fun. I kept ducking and reminding myself that nothing was actually going to hit my face. 

The haunted mazes were visually spectacular and well thought out. The La Llorena and Alice Cooper Goes to Hell in 3D were the highlights. But, actually, I think childhood and NYC drugged-mugged-slugged trauma, I don't like people jumping out at me. And I rreeeeallly don't like people trying to touch me. I actually threw an arm back at a few of them instinctively. Ooops. After a while, with the same "Walking Dead" themed zombies and chain-saw bearing clowns jumping out at you, it turns out that it's no longer scary; it's just tiresome. Such was the case by about 35 minutes into the Terror Tram-- the real low point of the night. Hiking dusty trails, hundreds of half-hearted, well-made up zombies, guards really kinda ruining it as they pushed us past the Bates Motel set. At least we had plenty of time at the actual Bates house from Psycho. We gave the night a cap with my signature Frangelico in the only spot still serving booze at City Walk. Ah, Hollywood. 

Special thanks to Kade for an amazing time & James for the driving and the comic relief! 

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