Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Happy 20th Anniversary, Barack & Michelle

Whether you like Barry politically or not, I have a hard time imagining anyone not respecting the Obamas as a couple. There's not a lot of inspiring couples these days I'd consider role models. Ones that seem balanced (ie: where the woman is equally valued, etc etc) and ones that just by looking at them, you can see how in love they still are. 

In almost every photo of Barack and Michelle, how in love they are is just palpable. I'd like to look like they do after being married for twenty years.

Too bad Barry won't be taking Michelle out for any fancy anniversary dinners tonight. He's got the first presidential debate. Are you planning on watching? Spellman and I are having a viewing party here at his house in Hollywood. Spellman, naturally, as an American male, has a huge TV and we've invited some folks over. I look forward to whatever new insults Mitt will have for me and people like me almost as much as I look forward to casting my vote in the swing state of Nevada. Maybe he'll succeed in convincing me I'm as much of a mooch on the system as he thinks I am and I'll actually vote for him. 

Are you registered? Deadline is October 7th. 

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