Sunday, October 28, 2012

One Thousand

Almost three years and one thousand posts later, I'm still at this thing. Every time I think it has run its course, something new will come along to revive my dedication. Normally, it's got something to do with connecting to you lovely folks who read. 

Every move I make has felt very consequential. For a long time now. One time, my wonderful friend Betsy said, "It's kind of exhausting living an 'epic' life all the time isn't it?" And of course, my answer was YES. I'm looking forward to some routine. A little less epic and little more just enjoying the consequences of all those decisions I've been making. 

That's what this blog is supposed to be all about anyhow. Enjoying my pursuit of culture through the five cities I've lived in during the last two years, the miles I've racked up-- Scotland, England, Wales, France, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Canada-- when I sometimes feel regret, when I make the list like that, or when I scan back over this blog, there's at least one thousand reasons why everything I've done in the last two years was exactly what I needed. 

This blog obviously changes each time I change locales. The name stays the same. Here's why: that decision, the sort-of secret I revealed in my very first post, and my time in Fife is going to inform my life no matter where I live it for a very long time. The attitudes I developed, the people I met, the debt I incurred, the confidence I gained, the ideas of myself I lost. Some choices have more weight than others. If a picture is worth a thousand words, I'm thinking today about all the things worth one thousand posts. 

Hope your'e having a great Sunday-- New Yorkers, stay safe! 

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