Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Go Mighty, Camp Mighty

The folks at Go Mighty are known for awesome retreats for people (started out just as ladies) in media. There's an invite only Mighty Summit, which one day, I'd like to be invited to, but in the mean time, I'm thinking about going to the recently made co-ed Camp Mighty in Palm Springs.  (McC? Shall we? We can brainstorm our world take over? I know how you love Palm Springs!)

This year's speakers include Ben Silbermann, one of the cofounders of Pinterest, and Margaret Gould Stewart, the Director of Product Design at facebook-- to name just two. And even though I'm massively strapped for cash,  I wouldn't mind the jolt in confidence. (Doesn't hurt that it's at the lovely ACE Hotel either.)

I love their girls with big ideas vibe. And not just the big ideas part, but the implementing them part. 

I just feel like it's pretty easy to feel like you're losing your edge on being good at life. Mighty Girl, Go Mighty, Camp Mighty and the Mighty Summit make me think it's mighty easy to remember and enumerate all the reasons you are, in fact, good at life as long as you surround yourself with a community of champions. Not that they are "winners" but champions of each other. I'm very interested in that. 

Camp Mighty
Nov 15-17

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  1. You should totally come. It's going to be a good time. We'd love to have you!


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