Thursday, February 17, 2011

week of crushes- #4, Brian Barneclo

For Thursday, I'm giving you another hottie from the Dockers "Wear The Pants" Project. Artist/Painter/Muralist Brian Barneclo. His aesthetic isn't really my thing. But pretty much everything else about him is. And I'd love to see his stuff as part of a community mural. 

I gotta say, I'm a big fan of the idea behind the project-- celebrating doing what you love, what you're born to do-- and the people who do what they gotta do to make it happen. (As opposed to say, shoe-horning yourself into some job or career that doesn't suit you just to have stability.) I'm definitely into Dockers rewarding people with 100 grand to kickstart doing the thing they love as their primary occupation. I'm even in support of  their supporting a certain brand of masculinity I find particularly appealing. 

What I am less loving is that-- though they do appear to be open to everyone-- they're calling this funding "Man Grants." That we'd support men's ability to quit a mediocre lifestyle and act out their true passions, but not the ladies'. I know I know-- it's mostly just for branding purposes with Dockers. But still. I gotta bring it up. 

Back to Brian. Hot. Loving this photo from The Selby. And wishing Dockers would maybe go out and scout some hotties in other cities for me. Edinburgh, perhaps? Or NYC. But maybe Gretchen was right. Maybe all the hot guys really are in San Francisco. 

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