Thursday, February 24, 2011

the royals are coming

Remember that time Wills and Kate came to visit and all the streets were blocked off and paparazzi camped out in front of North Point? Oh, right-- that's now. I mean, it's not like they've never been here before. The whole point of the visit is for them to kick off our 600th Anniversary since they're the poster children of good stuff happening to you if you come to St Andrews. 

But security for everyday measures when the future King of England actually resides somewhere is different than when it's just a high profile visit. High profile visits make people jumpy. 

Never in all of living in NYC or hanging out with famous people were there ever actually any paparazzi staked out on my corner. And yet, here are these guys, on my corner. Taking pictures of North Point--- my coffee shop. (That claims to be the place where Kate and Wills met-- not true. It was in South Africa or something on some ya know... excursion that royals and other richies might be on.)

That is actually a cardboard cutout of Wills and Kate in the window as well. But, you know what-- Mazel Tov, North Point. That shit's gonna be alll overrr television. You might as well cement that myth in people's heads so they'll come a-lookin for you when they hit up St Andrews. (Not that you ever really lack for business. I also noticed that North Point took down their "For Sale" sign.) As long as I can get my hazelnut hot cappuccinos and mint chocolate milkshakes in milk bottles, more power to ya. 

And, like I said on Visit St Andrews, the matchmaker in me gives Kate and Wills props for giving back to the sleepy little seaside town of 17,000 where (even if they didn't meet) they did fall in love. My favorite couples are always the ones that credit me as the person who set them up, and St Andrews is just like me: a single gal totally susceptible to flattery. 

For video, click here.

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