Sunday, February 6, 2011

the thames and tate modern

As we walked along the Thames, we ducked into the Tate Modern for some Sunflower fun in the Turbine room. Modern art is frequently lost on me, but the scale was truly insane. Millions and millions of fake sunflower seeds hand painted by artist Ai Weiwei. Sadly, too many people were stealing too many of the sunflowers, so they had to put a gate around it. Originally, it was designed to be a bit more interactive. Sad.

We went looking for the Rothkos, but ran out of time. In a perfect world, I probably could have spent about 5 hours in the gift shop alone. I was tempted to buy this amazing book on postcards from the Russian revolution, but opted instead for some Susan Sontag, Regarding the Pain of Others.  

After a good look at St. Paul's Cathedral, it was off for a night (my last in London) of great food and music. More on that later. Happy Sunday!

those are "sunflower seeds"


  1. how do you get your pictures so beautiful? effects/adjustments or are you so arty you have a Polaroid or something? haha. beautiful.

  2. Iona missed breakfast....or my time zones are off


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