Sunday, February 20, 2011

only in nyc: amazing subway performer engagement serenade

This is one of those super magical moments that make me miss NYC. My amazing friend Autumn got engaged this weekend to her super cool boyfriend, Tim. They're a special couple for me 
1. because Autumn is just a National Treasure as far as friends go 
2. Both of them were so supportive and helpful to me as I was moving out of my apt on my way to Scotland and they were moving in. (I'm talking, Tim carried a VERY heavy box to the post office for me and they're STILL storing some of my stuff!)

I had a long skype catch up with her just two days before it happened and felt totally peachy about life. Autumn has that affect on people. Tim is one smart guy to snap her up! Kind of a whirlwind romance-- fitting of a subway serenade. Pay attention to altered lyrics of this Michael Jackson classic. 

Best wishes to you, my lovely friends!

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