Monday, February 7, 2011

edinburgh view

Imagine if this were your view! If you were my super rad friend Zeph, (isn't that the coolest name? It's short for Zephirine. Additional aside- Zephyr is one of the coolest words I can think of) this would be your view. 

From her house on Calton Hill, you can see pretty much everything, including the Dugald Stewart Monument. Even on a super grey day!

Scene of famous paintings and photographs galore, it's the perfect place to have an afternoon cup of tea. 

PS- Thanks to the nice anonymous poster who asked about my photos. I use a couple of things for my photos depending on the situation. Most of my photos are taken on a Canon s90. I photoshop some of them. But often, I use my iphone and the Instagram application, which allows me to make almost any picture look the way I want. And unlike hipstamatic, you can choose which setting you want for the photo after you take it. 

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