Wednesday, February 16, 2011

crush week- #3, TED

I'm showing you Jason Fried, author of REwork (a book I won at a Rice Alumni event) and ended up really liking. He's also a software developer-- which would normally be where you lose me-- but his software-- 37Signals, Basecamp, Backpack, Campfire-- is all stuff I can actually deal with.

I super agree with him about offices as places of distraction. But, while he talks of revamping them, of course, my hope is that I'll never have to go back to one. And instead, I'll sit here in the office of my own making, typing & editing away without distractions until the end of time.

I'm showing you Jason Fried, but my real crush is on a hottie named TED. I love the TED talks. Love 'em. You guys all really liked when I posted Liz Gilbert's talk on Creativity. And I really like Jason's talk.

But oh, Brene Brown. I can relate to you on so so many levels with this 20 minute ramble down vulnerability road. (She's a Houston gal!) I love how many times she uses the word "Excruciating." I love how she talks about her Type A tendencies-- control & predict.  I love when she talks about her trip to the counselor. That's a conversation I can suuuuper imagine having with a therapist. I love when she talks about the difference between courage and bravery. "To tell the story of who you are with your whole heart." Mmm. And for some reason, when all other qualities seem to abandon me, courage sticks around. Happy Wednesday! Watch and laugh and sigh. My boyfriend TED gives me such good presents. 

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