Monday, February 28, 2011

the look of glorious 39

Over the weekend, I finally got around to watching Glorious 39. It's a film, like many films with some sort of War Intrigue, where the promise is more fascinating than the reveal. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it-- especially the first half. Helloooo, Eddie Redmayne. Even if the last half was rather preposterous and I wish they had cut the modern sections all together.

I especially loved the scene where Romola Garai takes a disastrous accidental nap in this beautiful golden field. The weather has been so beautiful here the past week or so (today included!) that I felt inspired to recreate this mood. I wasn't prepared to make too much effort, like do my hair or buy anything, but here's my spin on a flowy glowy golden summer mood. 

Remember when Domino Mag had make this painting/outfit/etc into a room? I loved that. I would turn this look into a room. I've got that decorating itch. Sigh. I really do love gold tones, don't I? Happy Monday!

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  1. I would give up every Archistinking Digest to get Domino mag back


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