Friday, February 25, 2011

royal friday, etc

Without some kind of press credentials, there wasn't a shot in hell I was going anywhere near a scene like this-- what with my deep-seeded loathing of lines and being part of the masses. So thanks to my friends for going down and taking these pics so I didn't have to. And thanks to the Daily Mail for taking pictures of my friends. Look for my adorable pal from South Africa, Marty-- in the glasses-- in the below photo. 

Royals might not be my cup of tea, but somewhere in the world, Sara McCleskey is seething with jealousy. And I basically live to make her jealous. So, score one for me. 

Here are some other delightful things about life right now:

(maybe delightful isn't the right word for that one. Relevant,  maybe?)
(What? I actually loved her in After Miss Julie.)

Happy Friday!


  1. ha! i was going to say, i took those!

  2. Score one for you indeed. For now though, it's enough for me to squeal - "I've been there! On that street!" before swooning. Sigh.

  3. Natalie's baby room is going ro be gray and yellow and accented with framed cut out pages from an owl storybook. An owl mobile too. The fabric is gray and off white geometric print. No froufrou baby stuff for my little girl only classic. As soon as we are started I will post a Natalie's room series. My daughter loves owls,

  4. @Dena- yay for Owls!
    @Elizabeth- thanks! I'll pass the compliments along to Kris:)


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