Monday, February 14, 2011

oh, it's valentine's day

Valentine's Day has long been second in melancholy only to Mother's Day for me. But I do like assigning myself numerous people (Iona, Tigerlily, Taylor) and inanimate objects (books, music, cities-- this year, it's Edinburgh) as my Valentines. And I do try to do things that I love. 

This morning started it off pretty decent. I didn't sleep well-- I was watching Sylvia, so I think you can tell how much I dig this holiday-- but woke up in time for breakfast. Had coffee with sugar (lately, I've been going without) and then got back into bed wearing this fluffy sweater to read a beautiful hardback book with a red cover. A morning without having to rush is definitely my valentine any time of year. 

I also love waking up to nice comments on youtube videos. Makes me and Steven feel loved. 

And now, I plan on listening to some Yann Tiersen Amelie Soundtrack (inspired by Iona's recent learning of score on piano) and writing while the nightingale who lives outside my window continues to sing all day-- as she's done every day since I've returned from London. 

Additionally, I couldn't resist checking out the "unveiling" of BHLDN today. As much as I stand by my earlier statements (I love how much clarification the company has done about their name since then), I do quite like their products. I could see myself wearing this at a ball on Skye (perhaps the one in April). I also like their side sections, including the one on Nuptials of Yesteryear (if you can stomach the initial click, the photos are great). More obvious and more gaggy is the "What Kind of Bride Are You?" Section. It's a quiz I couldn't even bring myself to take hypothetically. 

Anyhow, some other fun, not too saccharine Valentine's Day items. Happy Monday!

Hot literary quotes compiled by flavorwire
The Telegraph asks, "Is Valentine's Day more important for expats?" Doubtful
This Website, Luxury Scotland, was doing some V-Day deal-ys. I love the word luxury!
Last year, they projected love poems onto Edinburgh Castle rock. I love that.  I wonder if they'll do that again this year. 
Valentine's Day is one of the better holidays for someecards
Obviously my fave Grammy performance.
I think this Faith Hill song from the Country Strong soundtrack is sexy.
I still will beat the drum for love letters, people. Closest I've ever received came from this guy
Still also believe in these


  1. I love love love that long dress! Mark got a book for his Kindle from your top ten list for our trip to Jamaica. The Cronin one.

  2. Am I a pity Valentine? I'll have you know the postman had to make several trips up my stairs to deliver the sacks and sacks of adoring cards. xoxox

  3. Isn't it gorgeous? Oh yay for Jamaica and yay for Cronin! He's the best!
    Iona- hardly. If anything, it's the other way around. I'm forcing people to be my valentines. Just ask Taylor. hahaha. It's time to split our twix from McC too!

  4. This is a good one....I heard on the radio today that some zoo was allowing people to name hissing madagascar roaches after their lovers for a fee. The ad said chocolate fades, roses wilt but a roach lives forever!


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