Friday, February 18, 2011

week of crushes concludes- #5, Landon Beard

For Friday, I'm giving you a little bit of one of the all-time greats for you to crush on. It seems ridiculous to even apply that term for me to Landon, because it's so far past a crush. In fact, for years, I've just basically considered this kid family of some whacky variety. He's just the Dooner.

There are so many things to recommend him as a human that it's hard to know where to begin. I mean, there are all the obvious crush-worthy and talent-crush worthy things. Ya know, the dreamy eyes and the muscles and stuff. The sexy voice, the being one of the Four Seasons and whatnot. Being the fastest, most accurate person I've ever worked with in the studio. Being far more versatile as an actor or a singer than anyone gives him credit for (Can we say-- Rasputin??) I mean, sure if you're into that kinda stuff... yeah. 

But let me put it to you this way. When I was younger, I had a huge issue with people just not showing up for me. I never really counted on too many of my friends. I hate being vulnerable. I hate asking for help-- oh, I especially hate asking for help! And then, sometime during the middle of living in NYC, I realized that I had not just a few, but a whole set of folks who were just...on it. And Dooner is like the mayor of the People who just show up for you. 

Because of that, he can get away with most anything. (Check out the days of these highlights!) Make most anything endearing. Even a long-standing tradition of embarrassing the shit out of me on my birthday in a series of "constipation" related facebook updates and tweets. He has advised me as a friend and colleague during the darkest hours of the great Fringe debacle of '09, during the great Scotland move '10 and various great romantic/career/existential dilemmas '08 '09 '10 '11 along the way. 

He's invaluable. I wish for everyone a Dooner of their very own. When you need a comrade in fun, it's Landon you should call. Here he is, singing the title number of VOTE! with the gang from Steven's Hudson Terrace Concert. I love that he starts to sing the old chorus lyrics. Because he's been with the show from the very first table read. Just one of the many many many things to love about Landon. Dooner, a toast to you, with some premium single malt. 

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