Monday, February 21, 2011

my favorite southern belle in the south magazine

My favorite Southern Belle, Miss Haviland Stillwell was recently featured in The South Magazine.  I mean, seriously-- after becoming instant besties like five years ago, I still look at pics of my pal and think, " SCARLETT O'HARA!." (And you know how I feel about her.)

Read the article here. And the pictures, by photographer Tim Johnson and styled by Mitchell Hall, are a super great mix all the fun flirty things about the Hav. Part Circus, Part NYC street chic, part antebellum femininity with the curls and corsets and velvet. 

And in case that's not enough Haviland for you, check her out on CSI: NY here! She's a geisha! Also this. This is hot. 

Haviland with her awesome dad, Brooks

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