Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My 25 favorite things of winter

This video made me miss Andrew. Here are my own 25 favorite things this winter (in no particular order).

1. 8mm app for iphone. Historic Scotland is sort of asking to be filmed like this. Look for vids real real soon!
2. Emily met Cher. She said, "Nice Bangs." (And get this: you have to come back & pick up your pic the next day so that they can photoshop Cher so she looks perfect! Isn't that amazing!? I want to enact that policy.)
3. This bed. It makes me wish I did not sleep in a single bed in a dorm. No matter how cozy my room is. 
4. The St Andrews cast of VOTE! They're slammin. 
5. Google analytics telling me that someone searched "are Ryann Ferguson's boobs real?" and ended up on my blog. Also, the ensuing facebook commentary.
6. Sir Robert Redford was made a knight in France
7. The Matilda musical. Roald Dahl + musicals = my tone. 
8. Clark's Yarra Desert Boot wedges
9. Their H & M Counterpart. I've walked all over Great Britain in these things. They go with everything. Comfy. 

10. Glen Grant 1993 Single Malt. I have a wee dram when I write or when I skype America. My friends make fun of me for it, but secretly, I think they're jealous. 
11. Gmail video chat. While "to skype" is a better verb, I prefer the picture quality and overall interface of gmail video chat to Skype. And since I've spent about 75% of my life this winter video chatting while it dumped snow outside, I'm into these details. 
12. Zaza's newest tea-themed card collection. "You're Bunderful!" was my suggestion. My Dad used to say that little pun all the time. 
13. My basura bag wallet. This little gem was a gift from Autumn before I left NYC and it's proved to be so so perfect for UK money-- all those 1 pound coins! Every time I bust it out, I get compliments. And, on top of all that, they're environmentally friendly and were designed as a project to get mothers and families from developing countries a self-sufficient income. Word. 
15. Dying to read the new Nicole Krauss, Great House-- my hardback should arrive any day now! There's something really lovely and mysterious about literature so focused on objects. Rooms, furniture, desks especially. "The burden of inheritance."Mmmmm. I'm all about that. 

16. Online mags like Matchbook and High Gloss. Just as pretty. Clickable ads. Green. 
17. Celebrating costumes dramas. From the impeccable Downton Abbey to all the praise of The King's Speech, I'm glad my geek love is a little cooler this winter. 
18. Ballet Colors. Speaking of movies, I blame Black Swan for the increase in muted, soft nudes and pinks (mixed with black) this season. 
19. Train travel. Traveling first class by train is definitely where it's at. Virgin Trains are amazing and let you upgrade for not much extra (or in my case, just bump you up!) Caledonian sleeper is also pretty amazing. 
20. Getting grad degrees in super specific, non-traditional subjects-- like Beatles studies
21. Hot water bottles (and their cute covers.) I didn't believe all my Brit friends when they spoke of the amazingness that is the hottie-bottie. Until I stayed at Zaza's earlier this winter and realized that even if you're warm enough, it's just like an extra layer of happy. It's like-- cake is good, but cake with really good frosting is BETTER. 
22really good bedding. I think I'll always be willing to pay for it. Especially on cold-ass winters like this one. 
23. Talking to everyone about quitting their jobs and becoming writers. Or at least, just becoming writers. Because I actually think everyone should write something. It feels good. 
24. Making friends with strangers. It's cold. It's a super transitional time in the world. Stay in touch with every friend you ever made. They just might introduce you to your next set of best friends.
25. Imagining inviting all those friends to better weather and beautiful spring in Paris. My birthday is in April. It's spring break. Emily and Tigerlily are coming. I want to rent a flat for  a week and invite all the people who made this winter (and life, really) pretty amazing. 


  1. On #5. "Well I never heard of such bad taste"
    "It ain't ain't just ain't fittin."

  2. Talk to everyone to leavedorm bedding . their jobs and become writers


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