Saturday, November 27, 2010

st andrews fest saturday

Happy Saturday from a sunny and brisk Deans Court! We had our first snow that stuck last night. Though, it's pretty much gone now with the sun. Any fun weekend plans or is everyone still in food hangover from T'giving? 

I love St Andrews three-day weekends and this one is especially good because it's the St Andrews Festival! Kris, Gretchen, and I took it easy last night. We watched The Sting (Redford AND Newman = heaven) and then, once they left, I watched Out of Africa (Meryl Streep's skin in that movie! Porcelain).

And today!! Today, Iona is coming to visit. There's a mini ice rink I'm thinking about hitting up, an art fair, and fireworks tonight. Tomorrow, there's a food festival, and hopefully more music! I heard there was a band last night called "The Red Hot Chili Pipers" and, with my love of puns and wordplay, I'm naturally distraught to have missed it. 

I'd better go get ready for Iona's arrival, but here are some of my favorite things from this week:

-The Beatles are finally on itunes!
-Great conversations with Philosophers about Wall Street
-This BloggingHeads blog about DFW, the internet, and nostalgia for the old Penn Station
-Talking about the psyche and the soul in class with Meaghan Delahunt
-New store in St Andrews, Twice
This picture of Paul Newman at the Strand:

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  1. I would see Paul Newman at the Home Depot every now and then before he died.....his eyes were amazing in person


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