Sunday, November 7, 2010

is it ok to be a luddite?

still don't have my dang bicycle with a basket...
I love my gadgets. I love the newest new. But I also love the vintage ones. 
I think I want an antique typewriter for Christmas. I think it'd look adorable in my room here at Deans Court. Plus, I'd like to do some experiments with my writing process that I think a typewriter might play an instrumental part in. 

Also, I'd like to re-introduce a film option into my photo-taking life. Again the question of what kind of camera!? Because, ya know, I need another expensive hobby to add to my repertoire in addition to the expensive hobbies travelling, writing musicals, collecting records, books and clothing, and educating myself. :)

Hope you're having a lovely Sunday! I'll bet I'm having an amazing time away from all forms of electronic communication on the Isle of Skye right now! 

Thanks to Chelsea Lee Photography for the photos! Dreamy!

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