Saturday, December 8, 2012

Downton Abbey Christmas Scotland!

While The Hour has been thirst-quenching for basic British television watching needs, nothing can fill the gaping hole that is always left by Downton Abbey when it goes. Luckily, it's almost time for the Christmas special! 

Smartly, Julian Fellowes finally decided there needed to be an episode in Scotland. So this year, we see the Crawleys packing up and heading north to what is actually Inverary Castle (or In-a-ray-ra as you apparently pronounce it.) , seat of Clan Campbell and home to the Duke of Argyll. It is also my favorite castle-- one of the top 3 most beautiful places I've ever seen. 

Who knows what Inverary will be standing in for according to the Downton world. My guess is its to do with the parents of libertine cousin Lady Rose. For those of you Americans who haven't yet watched season 3, you'll find out who she is soon enough. 

I also loved this great article in the Scotsman recalling Scotland's place as the swank vacation destination of the day. I'm only sad this was not written by my pal Sandy or any one of his various pseudonyms-- Tibby Redfern, et al. 

The special is feature length, too. So two whole hours of Lady Edith embracing her new freedom as a lady journalist, Branson getting a little somethin-somethin, and whatever dramatic miscommunication they've (surely) drummed up for Lady Mary and Matthew. I just hope no one dies. :)

Click here for an extended preview. Thanks as always to Period Movies for the head's up!

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