Monday, December 10, 2012

Chanel's Secret Show in Scotland - Linthlithgow Palace

All the cool kids are obsessed with Scotland. Recently, Chanel hosted their yearly 'secret show' at the birthplace of Mary Stuart-- Linlithgow Palace. The guests were treated to a feast before viewing the Scottish themed line. As I watched the clothes head around the runway (I do not miss the word 'round' used for the word around) I thought to myself, "Yeah, that's pretty much how you  have to dress in Scotland. Certainly how I dressed. A combination of Bunny MacDougall from Sex & The City, Molly MacDonald, and the Olsen Twins. AKA-- a cross between a starlet and a multi-layered tartan hobo.) Basically, if I were rich, and didn't live in LA, I'd wear it. And the show was a beautiful little piece of theatre. 

Unfortunately, the show and its press were as steeped in inaccuracies as it was history (and layers.) The header of the show says Paris + Edimbourg. Which, while I can see their point, isn't totally true, as Linlithgow Palace is in West Lothian, technically. My favorite comes courtesy Vogue (UK Vogue no less! Something about this seemed so typical of England and Scotland.) where almost everything they said about Linlithgow was wrong. 

My favorite was a commenter who called them out in a quite Scottish manner. "It is Linlithgow Palace... not a ruined castle and never has been. It's Linlithgow Loch, not a lake and never has been. The Park is called The Peel," ...and always has been. You go, Brenda McMeechan. 

John Paul Gaultier may have an on-going fascination with Scotland, even saving clothing manufacturers in the borders, but I bet he doesn't know the town he saved (Hawick) is pronounced Hake. 

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