Friday, December 21, 2012

Winter Solstice Friday Links

I'm always excited for the winter solstice because it means the shortest days are done and we'll have more and more sunlight from here on out. I get so tired so early in winter and California gets darker earlier than I remembered. (I was really bad in Scotland when it was dark at 2:30.) 

Here's to the end of feeling like I want to go to sleep after work and a speedy end to cold temperatures, which are making my poorly insulated LA apt the temperature of a drafty Scottish castle on the inside-- even with all my heaters going!

Safe travels to the many of you who are embarking on Christmas journeys today!

Your Links:
- Les Miz or Les Mis? You decide.
- "How I Got in Touch with Being 'Too Much.'" Awesome.
- The names of things are poetry. Everything should have a word.
- I love when they put screenplays online. Django Unchained.
- Ghosts of the Hudson Valley. Oh, This House
- Pretty bracelet.
- Instagram backpedals
- This was a really funny interview. And I'm glad it's now a joke that won't die.
- LA gets its own whiskey! Happy Holidays!

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