Sunday, December 23, 2012

Revisiting Twin Peaks & Sherilyn Fenn

Christmas seemed like an appropriate time to revisit Twin Peaks. In fact, ever since I've moved to LA, I've been revisiting the works of David Lynch. No one understands the deep creepiness of something like Christmas in Hollywood as much as David Lynch.

Not to mention, the odd presence of Sherilyn Fenn has entered my life and I couldn't resist going back to check it out. I'll elaborate. One of the projects I'm editing at one time had her in a starring role. Without saying too much (I'll let her do it) she's no longer associated with the project. But at least we have her blog to keep company. 

Please do yourself a favor and read this. Then go watch Twin Peaks. (Rewatching it, I was struck by how much Sherilyn Fenn resembles serious-face Ginnifer Goodwin. Also, how much more she resembles Liz Taylor than Lindsay Lohan.) Or if you're bored, come over to my house and I'll make you some boozey cider and do a dramatic reading of the piece. 

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