Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Poliça - "Give You The Ghost"

As I'm looking back over this year and making my Best Of lists, I realize I never talked about one of my favorite albums of the year. It will surely be on my Best of 2012 Albums list, but I thought I'd devote some proper space to it here. 

As Poliça, for all their European mood & sound, is a band from Minneapolis. Fronted by Channy Leaneagh-- part gamine, part enigma; depending on the light-- Poliça came together after her last  band died and has only been in existence for about two years. 

In that  time, they've managed to record "Give You The Ghost" an album as moody and ethereal as the name would suggest.(Or alienating-- in a good way-- as one reviewer coined. I'd agree. There is lot of distancing, refracted distortion and unapologetic use of autotune, not that we're not used to that by now.)  But Poliça (the name means policy in Polish) also has some authority to it. And the non-stop lap beats don't hurt. It's my favorite night driving album of the year. I didn't even really appreciate it until I got here. 

From their initial appeal in their hometown, followed by a pretty legendary SXSW showing, they've basically been touring the US and Europe ever since. If I were still living in London, I'd go see them there in March. Or maybe I'd use it as an excuse for a trip to Paris. They're the perfect band to see on a winter Paris night

"Lay Your Cards Out" may or may not be my favorite song on the album. It's hard to decide. But perhaps you've heard it. It's been making the rounds. Enjoy. 

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