Friday, December 7, 2012

Happy Birthday, Iona! Friday Links

After a week spent working, learning the ropes, wrong maps directions and hours and hours in traffic, putting together a very complicated bed myself, getting a parking ticket on street cleaning day TWO MINUTES into the window this morning, (they don't actually clean the streets in this neighborhood. Just give out tickets) and trying to adapt to/build my new life schedule, I have to tell you, I am mentally and physically exhausted. Now that I have a princess bed, all I want to do is hibernate in it. Too bad I have a weekend full of editing. 

The only thing I really have energy to say is HAPPY BIRTHDAY, IONA!! Oh, how I miss that girl. Bring a bit of Scotland to LA, would ya?


- Here's the NYTimes Notable Books of 2012. I'll have mine out soon. 
- 2012 was Broadway's Best Year Ever. Sad I missed it. More of these, please. 
- I still dream of the black version of this Perroquet wallpaper for my entryway. 
- Good one, Jezabel
- And this. You're hot this week, Jezabel. 
- The definitive Bill Murray character matrix
- This is just deeply depressing. Royals. Sigh. 
- This guy entered a design contest and basically just copied Timorous Beasties


  1. Where did you get your bed? It's awesome! I love your bedding too.

  2. Ummm...*what* is that bedding?! I adore it!!!! Was just thinking the other day that I should get a new cover, at the very least. I really like the one I have, but it was a wedding gift...old memories...blardy-blar.... So! New stuffs!

  3. Thanks guys! To answer your questions, my bed is from Joss & Main. It's sometimes called Whitley Arch Bed and sometimes Clara bed. They have one very similar on there now that's a bit more tufted. Also very cool and pretty affordable as far as beds go.

    My bedding is from Anthropologie. Its the love letters bedding and is the most wonderful thing. Sadly, they no longer sell it. Fortunately, you can still find either th duvet or the sheets on ebay, etc sometimes. My sheets are dwell studio draper stripe and crate & barrel sakura blossom.


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