Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Other Guys - Christmas Number One

From the adorable St Andrews boy vocal group that brought you "Royal Romance," with nearly a million views, we now have the delight of "Christmas Gets Worse Every Year." That's right. The Other Guys are at it again, and this time they're aiming for Britain's coveted Christmas Number One

The song is  mostly heartfelt, but built around a tongue and cheek joke. It's always nice to have some new tunes to add to the Christmas canon. Especially one with a modern sensibility.  

Not to mention, they really outdid themselves with this video, directed by Maia Krall Fry. From beautiful lights to the whole lot of them standing atop The Cairngorms Mountain range in Scotland. That's commitment. 

Americans, you probably know about the Christmas Number One as a phenomenon from the movie, Love Actually. But it's really a thing. So get it on itunes.

Best of luck to you boys!  Here's my little push towards your Christmas Number One

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