Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Royal Romance- The Other Guys

While pretty much everyone in St Andrews has already seen this little gem, I couldn't resist posting it for all my readers Stateside. Especially as we get closer to this Royal Wedding Circus, I'll be posting more about the truly silly and hilarious ways people have tried to be capitalists about it. 

But this video is a treat for the reverent and not so reverent. I've watched several times. And not just because I saw the guys filming it on my street several days in a row, or because my adorable pal Mark Gregory (Moritz in St Andy's Spring Awakening) appears here (in underwear, no less.) Yep, this vid has quite a few of my favorite things: beautiful St Andrews scenery, boys singing in suits, boys singing a chorale arrangement of the James Horner Braveheart theme, boys attempting the choreography from "Bad Romance," a gentle mocking mixed with reverence of the Royal Wedding and just the right amount of dorkiness. 10,000 plays in one day. Nice job, gents!

It made me smile-- as almost almost everything does these days. There's so much to be happy about. Wow. For more LOL's, here is the trailer for the Lifetime Royal Wedding movie, where St Andrews looks, incidentally, more like Rice that St Andrews. Le Sigh. 

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